Standing up for Sudbury

“Charlie Russo” might not be a name you’re familiar with. But since moving to town in 2013, I’ve been working behind the scenes and on the sidelines to do what I can to preserve and improve the quality of life in town. The items below show what I stand for, and how I’ve spoken out or written in opposition to projects that have threatened our town, and how I’ve built consensus on those that benefit our community. I will take this same approach to my role on the Select Board. As your Select Board representative, when I’ve formed an opinion, you will always know what I think.

Eversource: I spoke out against Eversource’s plan for a high-voltage transmission line through our community, and my opinion hasn’t changed since then:

Comments to the EFSB against the Eversource plan, May 25, 2017

For the preservation of Broadacres Farm, I attended meeting after meeting after meeting to gain consensus from boards and committees, and rallied residents and neighbors to vote overwhelming in favor of the purchase of Broadacres Farm, at both Town Meeting and the ballot box. Six different town committees voted unanimously in favor of this project, the Town Meeting vote was near-unanimous and more than 6,000 residents voted in favor at the ballot box.

Broadacres Farm Town Meeting presentation, October 2018

When Sudbury Station submitted plans for a 250-unit housing development in the heart of our Town Center, I put my concerns in writing (and you should see the letter the town got back from their attorney!)

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As a member of the Conservation Commission, I supported a number of efforts to improve the health of town residents and the environment, such as opposing the use of herbicides by Eversource along its right-of-way.


Besides serving on the Conservation Commission, I do what I can to volunteer around town, as opportunities arise. One of my favorite activities was helping to cut the trail at the town-owned Landham Brook Marsh Conservation Land. If you haven’t seen the great blue heron nests there, it’s worth a trip. Landham Brook Marsh was purchased by the town as conservation land, rather than allow a developer to build 300+ housing units near sensitive environmental areas.

Cutting the trail at Landham Brook Marsh, October, 2015.

Let’s build something together.