It is an honor to have been elected to serve as a Select Board member for Sudbury. I will give my best effort, with the goal of handing things off better than when I started.

I love Sudbury for its open spaces, historic character, and excellent schools, as well as its robust spirit of civic debate and engagement. I want to preserve and expand the work of those who have served before, while working to improve the delivery of services and quality of life across Sudbury and planning for the future of this great community.

I got involved with local government shortly after moving to Sudbury in 2013, by joining the Conservation Commission, and served there for more than six years. Residents may have heard me speaking out against the Eversource power transmission line, opposing the huge Sudbury Station housing development proposed for our historic Town Center, winning consensus on the Broadacres Farm purchase, or simply speaking out for what I believe is right on various issues.

Besides the Conservation Commission, I also served on the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail Design Task Force, and helped move that design forward. Both my children were baptized at Our Lady of Fatima, and our family loves swimming at the Greenwood Club. On weekends you might find me running on the trails at local conservation properties or swimming at Fairbanks.

My kids are just beginning their journey in the Sudbury schools, and my retired parents are house hunting in Sudbury. In my home, the balance between the affordability of homes and taxes and access to high-quality facilities and services is dinner table conversation. I’m committed to this Town for the long haul and will bring my passion, fresh perspective, and focus on results to serve all residents.

I worked as a local newspaper reporter in Massachusetts for nearly a decade, covering towns such as Medfield, Lancaster, and Reading. This experience gave me first-hand knowledge of how successful towns operate. It was literally my job to find the facts, take an objective view on town issues and then question the benefit, cost, and overall value of proposed projects. I’ve seen what works well and what does not, and will apply these lessons to Sudbury.

I haven’t worked as a journalist for awhile, but those habits die hard. So, ever since I moved to Sudbury, I’ve followed the Select Board. I’ve attended or watched every Select Board meeting since I moved here, and review the Select Board “packets” for every meeting. I’ve kept track of the “who, what, when, where, why and how” of Sudbury government for the past 7 years and understand the history of and influences on the current projects and issues we’re dealing with.

Currently, I work in marketing for a healthcare technology firm. I earned a BS in Communications from Syracuse University and then an ALM in Sustainability and Environmental Management from Harvard University Extension School. My two children attend school in Sudbury.

As your Select Board representative, I will:

  • Apply the objective view and lessons learned as a local journalist to benefit all Sudbury residents
  • Work toward consensus, respecting opinions from all viewpoints, to accomplish Town goals
  • Be transparent in my decision-making process
  • Think independently about the long-term best interests of the Town

My goals will be to:

  • Protect Sudbury’s Unique Character and Existing Assets
  • Enhance Town Liveability and Residents’ Quality of Life
  • Balance Town Needs with the Ability to Pay – Ensure Value